Saturday, October 29, 2011

What it Takes to Be Successful?

  1. Always Dream Big It takes the same effort to realize big dream
  2. Have Clear Vision and Focus  
  3. Have Passion – it’s Paramount
  4. Successful people always see the positive side of the story. It’s vitally important to your success that you cultivate positive Beliefs.
  5. Are Quick Decision Makers Successful people are decisive
  6. Are Persistent – Never Give Up (planning, doing, over-thinking) unstoppable people have persistence.
I think most successful people started at the very bottom and climb their way up, faced multiple setbacks, and made hundreds of mistakes before they achieved their goals.

Words related with topic of success: 
  • passion- хүсэл тэмүүлэл
  • to be filled with passion-хүсэл тэмүүллээр дүүрэн байх
  • ambitious-хөдөлмөрч, зүтгэсэндээ хүрэхийг эрмэлздэг, идэвхтэй
  • an ambitious attempt to reach goal
  • innovate-шинэтгэл өөрчлөлт хийх, санаачлах
  • irrespective-чөлөөтэй, ямар нэг зүйлд хамраарахгүй
  • to be proactive санаачилга гаргах, хувийн санаачлагатай байх
  • persistent-тэсвэртэй, уйгагүй, шургуу
  • competitive- өрсөлдөх чадвартай

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